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Kidsport Funding Available

9 Weeks of MAMBEC Summer Camp

MAMBEC Day Camps are offered at Cole Harbour Place for 9 weeks during the summer break. MAMBEC instructors teach life skills and self-protection at an age appropriate level. Campers l participate in weekly themes with corresponding movies and crafts. Each day, campers partake in various outdoor activities such as visits to neighboring playgrounds, field games, nature walks (weather permitting), swims, and library activities. Leaders will choose a male and female camper of the week based on their behavior throughout the week. All campers will receive a MAMBEC certificate with fingerprints at the end of their first week. Online registration is available at or call 488-6779. 

Before/Afterschool Specialty Program

Schools We Service: Astral Drive Elementary, Brookhouse Elementary, Colby Village Elementary, Caldwell Road Elementary, Portland Estates Elementary and Bois Jolie 

(New – Joseph Giles Elementary)

Parents of students at Bois Joli should contact your school and Stock Transportation (902) 481-8400 regarding busing to Cole Harbour Place. Also see HRSB’s page on Student Transportation.

If your school is not listed, there may be alternative transportation options available. Please contact us or your school for more information.

MAMBEC will begin registration for the Before/Afterschool Program in March 1, 2019.

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NEW SESSION STARTS – Monday September 16/2019


To be returned no later than June 15/2019.  If your child is not being belt advanced, we ask that you return this form with registration for September 2019… Thanks!

PARENTS DAYPut on your work out duds and join us on the floor to experience the MAMBEC Program in Action as well as a full overview of the Life Skills Program taught to your child this session.

  • Cole Harbour Place (MAMBEC Studio) – Monday June 10/19, 6-7 and Jiu Jitsu 7-8, Tuesday June 11, 6-7 and Saturday, June 15, 12-3

  • Tallahassee Recreation Center (Eastern Passage) – Sunday June 16/19 – 6-7

  • Elmsdale (Strides Fitness) – Friday June 11/19, 6-7/2019


  • Elmsdale (Strides Fitness) – Friday June 21/2019 6-7, Students who regularly train 6-7 will test in this time slot.

  • Cole Harbour Place (MAMBEC Studio) – Saturday June 22/2019 – 12-1, Students who regularly train from 12-1 and students who train Mondays from 6-7 will test in this time slot.

  • Cole Harbour Place (MAMBEC Studio) – Saturday June 22/2019 – 1-2, Student who regularly train from 1-2 will test in this time slot as well as students who train Tuesdays from 6-7.

  • Cole Harbour Place (MAMBEC Studio) – Saturday June 22/2019 – 2-3, Students who regularly train from 2-3 will test in this time slot.

  • Tallahassee Recreation Center (Eastern Passage) – Sunday June 23/19 – 6-7

  • Before/Afterschool Program – Tuesday June 11/2019 Group (C) – Tuesday June 18/2019 Group (B) – Wednesday June 11/2019 Group (A)


Exciting Life Skills Day Camps with a Mental and Physical Martial Arts connection. Camps include swims, outdoor activities and weekly themes. One-hour Life Skills Program/Martial Art including Self Protection at an age appropriate level…. Come join the fun and register now… space is limited.

Camp starts July 2/2019 to Aug 30/2019.

Cost General Public – $143.95/week plus tax

Sunrise: 7:30 – 8:30 – $2.50 Sunset: 5:00 – 6:00 – $2.50

Individual Days – $35.00/day plus tax includes Sunrise/Sunset

Afterschool Students – $133.95 plus tax – Includes Sunrise/Sunset

See insert for details!



May 17, and June 27/2019.  $35.00/day plus tax. Includes Sunrise 7:00 to 8:30 Sunset 5:00 to 6:00.



Victoria Day – May 20/2019


MAMBEC Martial Arts Birthday Parties are a FUN, EXCITING and UNIQUE way to celebrate your child’s birthday! Your party coordinator keeps everyone entertained while teaching cool life skills and martial arts techniques (age appropriate). We play games to build confidence, teamwork, and focus. Your child and their friends will receive a Martial Art Head Band. Parents bring the cake… we play games, freeze dance and lot, lots more. Your child will smile with confidence as an Assistant Instructor as they celebrate their special day the martial arts way!

2 Hour Party Package, $215.00 plus tax! See insert for details!

Last Day of MAMBEC before Summer Sunday June 23/19 – Weekend/Evening Program

First Day of MAMBEC after Summer Monday September 16/19 – Weekend/Evening Program


When: Sunday May 19/2019 – 11:00

Where: MAMBEC Studio Cole Harbour Place

Time: 11:00

Who: McCabe Stapleton, Mason Reid,

Parents permitted to watch. Pictures allowed, no video.

Have You Received Your 2018 Tax Reciepts?

All reciepts for Afterschool Program, MAMBEC Martial Art/Life Skills Evening/Weekend Program, summer camps and March Break Camps have been sent to customers. If you have not recieved your reciept, please e-mail us at with the following infomation: your childs name, when your child attended MAMBEC and your correct e-mail address and your receiepts will be sent to you.

Dalhousie Study Dalhousie University’s School of Health and Human Performance completed an evaluation of MAMBEC programs. The report called it “A Program WHe\hre Children ‘Learn About The Real World Issues They Cannot Obtain In a Typical Classroom.” Click the above link to see the report for yourself.

UNICEF® Congratulations to MAMBEC campers! Christmas Donation 2018 – we raised $500 in our Young Entrepreneurs summer camp, matched by the Canadian Government. Through our program, we have raised over $11,500 for Unicef to help children around the world. Each year MAMBEC sends a donation to UNICEF to help those less fortunate.

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