All weeks are still open for 2017 Summer Camps! 

Please call 902-488-6779 to register. Space is limited.

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We are OPEN on July 3rd (Week 1) and on September 1 (Week 9). We are CLOSED on August 7 (Week 6).

Please note the following corrections to our Summer Camp flyer:

WEEK 5: July 31st – Aug 4th

WEEK 6: Aug 8th – Aug 11th

WEEK 9: Aug. 28 – Sept. 1


See our Summer Camp 2017 Flyer for more details


MAMBEC Day Camps are offered at Cole Harbour Place for 9 weeks during the summer break. MAMBEC instructors teach life skills and self-protection at an age appropriate level. Campers will participate in weekly themes with corresponding movies and crafts. Each day, campers will partake in various outdoor activities such as visits to neighboring playgrounds, field games, nature walks (weather permitting), swims, and library activities. Throughout the summer we bring in special presenters (depending on the theme) including magicians, dominoes, animal experts, balloon twisters etc.  Leaders will choose a male and female camper of the week based on their behavior throughout the week. All campers will receive a MAMBEC certificate with fingerprints at the end of their first week.

Online registration is available at, or by calling 902-488-6779.


2017 Summer Camp Themes


Week 1:  July 3 – 7


Lego is a great way to build critical thinking and problem solving skills. The students can work at all levels of difficulty – there are projects for those with limited Lego experience as well as for the most advanced Lego fanatic! We have over 50 pounds of Lego so there is no limit to what campers can imagine and create!  

Week 2: July 10 – 14


Campers get to become their own superhero. Pick a superhero name is and decide what your super powers are! Create a costume, and we’ll take pictures of you soaring over the city! Superheroes get a headband, mask, belt and cape. Learn all about what it means to be a hero, whether you are a superhero or a regular everyday hero.

Week 3: July 17 – 21

Young Detectives

There’s been a crime and YOU are the detective! Learn how to investigate and use clues to solve the mystery. Learn what a clue is, what evidence is and what an eye-witness is…are you the supersleuth that will solve the mystery?

Week 4: July 24 – 28

World Holiday Fun

Every day is a different holiday! Celebrate Halloween (don’t forget to wear a costume!), Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick’s Day and Christmas, and throw a birthday party for MAMBEC! Play party games, make holiday crafts and win prizes.

Week 5: August 1 – 4

Time Capsule

Experience a Blast from the Past! Open a Time Capsule that MAMBEC campers filled with treasures in 2007 – then fill your own Time Capsule for future campers to open in 2027!

Week 6: August 7 – 11


Sing your favorite song, play your favorite instrument or show us your special talent and you will be judged by our panel of judges. Parents are welcome to come Friday at Lunch to see all the STARS in action!

Week 7: August 14 – 18

Young Entrepreneurs

Help raise money for UNICEF by running your own business! We will be selling “The Full Meal Deal” Cookies, Surprise Bags and Drinks to customers of Cole Harbour Place.  Campers have to pay expenses for supplies then all profits are donated to UNICEF.  Sale is on Friday in the Lobby of Cole Harbor Place from 1:00 until everything is gone.

Week 8: August 21 – 25

MAMBEC Olympics

Learn the history of the Olympics “Oath and Motto”. Pick a country, join a team, create your own motto and flag and then let the games begin! We will hold an opening ceremony followed by four days of competition and on the final day, medal placement and closing ceremonies will take place.

Week 9:  Aug. 28 – Sept. 1


We love Lego so much, we had to do it twice! Students will have the chance to play with our 50lbs of Lego and design anything they can imagine, all while building critical thinking and problem solving skills.

* Please do not bring your own Lego to either of our Lego-themed day camps. Thank you.

Daily Routine

7:30 to 8:30 – Sunrise Hour (free play)

9:00 – Attendance. Campers broken down into groups, Youngers and Olders

9:15 – Bathroom Break

9:30 – One group goes outside (weather permitting) or to the Library. The other group does Life Skills/Martial Arts

10:30 – Bathroom Break/Hand washing and Snack

10:50 – The 9:30 groups swap activities

12:50 – Bathroom Break/hand washing for all then lunch and a movie

1:00  – Theme of the Week. Theme appropriate activities.

2:15 – Bathroom Break/hand washing

2:30 – Swim time in CHP Pool or special activities/presenters

4:15 – Bathroom Break/hand washing and Snack

5:00 – Parents pick up Campers

5:00 to 6:00 – Sunset Hour (free play)

* daily routine is subject to change

Our Location

Cole Harbour Place
51 Forest Hills Parkway
P.O Box 17
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2W 6C6
(902) 488-6779


Daily lunches can be purchased at the Tidal Side Cafeteria located in Cole Harbour Place (right beside the MAMBEC studio). The cost per day is $6.00. Cash only, no debit or credit accepted.

MAMBEC Inservice Day Camps

MAMBEC is pleased to offer a Daycamp Program to coincide with the Inservice/PD Days of the academic school calendar in HRM including March Break. These exciting day camp programs offer fun and activities with a martial defense/life skills theme.

Inservice dates for the 2017/2018 school year are as follows:

Sept. 5

Sept. 6

Sept. 29

Oct. 27

Nov. 22

March 9

April 19

May 18

June 28