Morning/Afternoon School Speciality Program

MAMBEC will begin registration for the Morning/Afternoon Program in April 2018.

Welcome to the MAMBEC Morning/Afternoon School Specialty Program. Our program is an opportunity for your child to receive our quality Martial Arts/Life Skills (with a focus on bullying) to bring your child to their full potential. Parents of our students report significant improvements in behaviour, doctors frequently refer children to our program.

During the MAMBEC program, your child is immersed in skills on a daily basis that enhance their Martial Art ability. All athletic skills are compatible with martial arts by promoting endurance, focus/self-control, to name a few. Being in the MAMBEC environment promotes your child’s success, happiness and confidence to become the person they want to be. We hope your child will grow with us and have the MAMBEC spirit!



MAMBEC (Martial Art Mind Body Education Centre) has established a unique, innovative, contemporary Martial Art Centre incorporating a new concept, teaching young people “Mental Martial Arts”, the ability to understand/resolve conflict before it becomes physical, individually/socially. We teach skills to create strong people that value life lessons which helps us move towards a more peaceful society. Our structure had been built with children’s programs (with a focus on bullying) including a “High Five Mentoring Program” where children teach children, adults lead by example, teaching an atmosphere of Team Work.

MAMBEC is a contemporary martial arts school, focused on peace and defence rather than fighting and offence. We teach conflict prevention by understanding the root causes, students learn the skills to prevent, resolve, and control conflict. 

Morning/Afternoon School Specialty Program begins at 7:00am. Afternoon pick-ups begin as early as 1:50pm. Guardians must pick up children from our facility by 6:00pm. For more information, contact Lavonne Carroll at 902-488-6779 /

Schools We Service: Astral Drive Elementary, Brookhouse Elementary, Colby Village Elementary, Caldwell Road Elementary, Portland Estates Elementary and Bois Jolie. 

Parents of students at Bois Joli should contact your school and Stock Transportation (902) 481-8400 regarding busing to Cole Harbour Place. Also see HRSB’s page on Student Transportation.

If your school is not listed, there may be alternative transportation options available. Please contact us or your school for more information.

MAMBEC Morning/Afternoon School Speciality Program includes Life Skills/Martial Arts program, the same program offered during Evenings/Weekends. 

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MAMBEC Morning/Afternoon (School Speciality Program) is a private facility and is not part of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Education “Daycare Act”

Delayed School Opening 

MAMBEC Morning/Afternoon Students Only

Delayed openings are considered when there is a severe weather event (for example, snow clearing or other operations that require additional time) as well as if the school is experiencing an issue with power or water. On school days when conditions exist such that it is not safe to open schools at regularly scheduled times, but it is predicted that conditions will improve, parents can drop their children at MAMBEC at 7:00am. This includes both morning and afternoon children. MAMBEC will shuttle all children to their appropriate schools (Colby Elementary, Astral Drive, Caldwell Road Elementary, Portland Estates, Bois Joli and Brookehouse). The cost for this service will be $20.00 per child (plus tax), over and above regular program costs. This cost will be added at the end of the month that the delayed opening service is required. In the case that there is late school closure, MAMBEC will not be responsible for your children.

Cole Harbour Place

51 Forest Hills Parkway

Dartmouth, NS B2W 6C6

Meet Our Team

Lavonne Carroll

Founder of MAMBEC Martial Arts in 2003

Steve Garvey

Managing Partner, Head Instructor and MAMBEC Black Belt

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