Birthday Parties

MAMBEC Martial Arts Birthday Parties are a FUN, EXCITING and UNIQUE way to celebrate your child’s birthday! Your party coordinator keeps everyone entertained for two hours while teaching cool Martial Arts/Life Skills techniques (focused on bullying).

For more information on our Martial Arts/Life Skills Program (Weekend/Evening) CLICK HERE.

We play games to build confidence, teamwork, and focus. We have 100lbs of Lego available, and can be included in the Birthday Party Package for an upgrade fee of $30.00, includes an additional hour.

Included in the Party Package: Party Coordinator/Assistant, 1200sq foot studio with sound system, Martial Arts/Life Skill lesson (focused on bullying), pizza/drinks and Martial Art Head Bands for all.  Parents bring the cake and loot bags, we play games, freeze dance and lot, lots more. Your child will smile with confidence as an Assistant Instructor while they celebrate their special day the Martial Arts way! 

See our gallery of Birthday Parties below!

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