MAMBEC Martial Arts  Summer Camp 2019 


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Space is limited.

Register for 1 Day, 1 Week or the full 9 Weeks

MAMBEC Martial Arts offers 9 Weeks of Summer Camp 2019 Starting, July 2 up to and including Aug 30/2019.

Cost:   General Public $143.95/week plus tax

Sunrise: 7:30 – 8:30 – $2.50

Sunset – 5:00 ro 6:00 – $2.50

Individual Days – $35.00/day plus tax 

Afterschool Students – $133.95 plus tax  Includes Sunrise/Sunset

Daily Routine

7:30 to 8:30 – Sunrise Hour (free play)

9:00 – Attendance, campers broken down into groups, Youngers and Olders

9:15 – Bathroom Break

9:30 – One group goes outside (weather permitting) or to the Library. The other group does Life Skills/Martial Arts

10:30 – Bathroom Break/Hand washing and Snack

10:50 – The 9:30 groups swap activities

12:50 – Bathroom Break/hand washing for all then lunch and a movie

1:00  – Theme of the Week. Theme appropriate activities.

2:15 – Bathroom Break/hand washing

2:30 – Swim time in CHP Pool or special activities/presenters

4:15 – Bathroom Break/hand washing and Snack

5:00 – Parents pick up Campers

5:00 to 6:00 – Sunset Hour (free play)



MAMBEC Day Camps are offered at Cole Harbour Place for 9 weeks during the summer break. MAMBEC instructors teach life skills and self-protection at an age appropriate level. Campers participate in weekly themes with corresponding movies and crafts. Each day, campers partake in various outdoor activities such as visits to neighboring playgrounds, field games, nature walks (weather permitting), swims, and library activities. Leaders will choose a male and female camper of the week based on their behavior throughout the week. All campers will receive a MAMBEC certificate with fingerprints at the end of their first week. Call to register 902 488-6779 Lavonne Carroll 

 WEEK 1 – JULY 2-5/2019 – LEGO

Everyone loves Lego. Students work at all levels of difficulty. Skills acquired: problem solving, planning, instils confidence and a higher level of thinking, MAMBEC has 150 pounds of Lego on site.

 Week 2 – July 8-12/2019 – YOUNG DETECTIVES

Always a Campers Fav! Be the crime detectives to solve the mystery!! Have you ever done an investigation… what is a clue… can you find any evidence… who is the suspect… do they have an alibi was there an eye witness… is there a victim… are you the sleuth that will solve the mystery? 

What really happened?

Who did it?

When did it happen?

Why did it happen?

Where did it really happen…

 WEEK 3 – JULY 15 – 19/2019 – PIRATES

Everything you want to know about pirate’s Arrrrr! We will make a treasure map and have a treasure hunt, choose a pirate name and learn pirate language, make a pirate eye patch, play pirate games. Don’t miss out on this week lots and lots of fun!

 WEEK 4 – JULY 22 – 26/19 – SUPER HEROES

Campers get to become their own superhero. Decide what your superhero name is, and what your powers are. Create a costume and we’ll take pictures of you flying in it. Most important of all, a superhero must do good. What is important to you? Learn all about what it means to be a hero, a sup


Want a challenge, you will love this week… we will challenge you indoors and out with challenges such as capture the flag, treasure hunts, noodle sparring, chicken pecking, beanbag toss, three-legged race and much more. Lots of actives to keep you challenged.  It’s all about the team, not the individual.


Fundraiser for UNICEF we are selling “The Full Meal Deal” Cookies, Surprise Bags and Drinks.  Campers must pay expenses for supplies then all profits are donated to UNICEF.  Sale is on Friday in the Lobby of Cole Harbor Place from 1:00 until everything is gone.

MONDAY – We will talk about the Concept and the cost of supplies.

TUESDAY – We will decorate Lunch Bags as Surprise Bags.

WEDNESDAY – We will make Posters to Advertise for the Sale on Friday and we’ll post them around Cole Harbor Place!

THURSDAY– Campers get the first chance to purchase Cookies and surprise bags to cover expenses.

FRIDAY – The “BIG SALE” in the Cole Harbor Place Lobby results will be posted on our web site


MAMBEC Campers will open a Time capsule from Summer Camp 2014 Campers and discover                                                                                                                                        what was important that year. They will learn the importance of family history while having lots of fun creating a new time capsule for future MAMBEC campers to open.  Don’t miss out on the adventure!    


Every Day is a Different Holiday…

MONDAY – MAMBEC’s Birthday – Find out how Birthday’s originated and some of the customs in other Countries…. have a piece of cake and see what MAMBEC gets this year… play games and win lots of prizes from the treasure chest!

TUESDAY – Halloween – Find out how Halloween originated…. wear your best costume, ORANGE and black or wear your clothes backwards, get your face painted and have some candies!

WEDNESDAY – Valentine’s Day…Find out how Valentine’s Day originated… Everyone wear RED, make valentines craft and give out valentines!

THURSDAY – St. Patrick’s Day – everyone wear GREEN, dance a jig, make a St. Patties craft and read an Irish Tale.

FRIDAY –Christmas Day – Campers can come in their PJs (make sure they are appropriate) as we celebrate all day long, Watch some Christmas movies (The Grinch). Everyone gets a surprise bag from MAMBEC.

 WEEK 9 AUGUST 26-30/19 – LEGO

Everyone loves Lego. Students work at all levels of difficulty. Skills acquired: problem solving, planning, instils confidence and a higher level of thinking, MAMBEC has 150 pounds of Lego on site.

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