Congratulations to MAMBEC students! In 2013 MAMBEC® raised $777 for Unicef® and the Canadian Government matched our donation for a total of $1554.

Each Christmas, MAMBEC sends a cheque to UNICEF to help those less fortunate.

If you have any fundraising ideas just let us know and we will try to implement your ideas.

In 2003 the children of MAMBEC began a program called Kids Helping Kids. This program was put in place to not only help the children from around the world, but to help our children of today to understand and feel proud to be able to help those less fortunate than themselves.

Over the years MAMBEC Students have helped to raise over $10,000.00 which helped provide Education, School Supplies, Bed Nets and much more to those less fortunate. Our goal this year is to have Kids Helping Kids provide enough support to adopt a village or provide as many bed nets as we have students. This can be done with the love and support of all our kids. If every student donated $10.00 this would mean we could help 200 children in the third world.


We are continuing to raise funds for UNICEF, in order to achieve our goal, we are offering MAMBEC students the opportunity to come to class GI Free. If you choose to come to class GI Free you must make a donation of $5.00 to UNICEF.

What people have to say about the MAMBEC Life Skills program:

Recreation Nova Scotia should try to utilize its resources in order to enhance the human and organizational capabilities of this outstanding program. Presently, this Program is based mostly in Metro, but could be delivered throughout N.S. If this were to occur, more of our children and youth would be exposed to this initiative, and as a result we would have a better society.
In conclusion there is a big upside for this initiative, and hopefully the future will allow the program to expand so that more N.S. children and youth become exposed to this information and apply it to their daily lives.


Philip M Hochman, Director of Recreation

Halifax Regional Municipality

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