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MAMBEC (Martial Art Mind Body Education Centre) Inc. 2003 – Life Skills Program with a Martial Art connection, focused on bullying.

MAMBEC is a contemporary martial arts centre, teaching both physical/mental martial arts. Our objective is to teach students safe skills to deal with conflict. Mental martial arts use reason and intelligence to cope with aggression before it becomes physical.

We are focused on peace/defence rather than fighting/offence. We teach conflict prevention by understanding the root cause and our students learn the skills to prevent, resolve, and control conflict. MAMBEC curriculum is designed to reach children in different aspects of bullying. We discuss the different roles that play out during a bullying episode: victim, bystander, upstander and bully.

The MAMBEC Program is Karate based with strong emphasis on body mechanics compatible with any Traditional Martial Art. There is no sparring, weapons training or Tournaments.  When a student achieves their MAMBEC black belt, they are encouraged to continue in the MAMBEC program for higher degrees. Students continue their Martial Art education through our instructor program.

Philip M. Hochman (Recreation Nova Scotia)

RNS should try to utilize its resources in order to enhance the human and organizational capabilities of this outstanding program. Presently, this Program is based mostly in Metro, but could be delivered throughout N.S. If this were to occur, more of our children and youth would be exposed to this initiative, and as a result we would have a better society.

Therefore, marketing of the program could be done through the Newsletter, Conference, and by word of mouth within the RNS network. However, if this program were to expand geographically, Lavonne would have to have greater human resources developed in order to meet the increased demand. This could possibly be accomplished with a Service Canada program, and RNS and the local organization. Another possibility would be a grant from NS HPP. This should be examined in more detail.

In conclusion there is a big upside for this initiative, and hopefully the future will allow the program to expand so that more N.S. children and youth become exposed to this information and apply it to their daily lives.

Philip M. Hochman
Director of Recreation
Municipality of the District of Guysborough
33 Pleasant Street, P. O. Box 79
Guysborough, Nova Scotia B0H 1N0
Tel: 902-533-3705 Ext 223
Fax: 902-533-2749
Email: phochman@modg.ca

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Overview of the MAMBEC Program

Program is broken down into four components in each hour. 

  1. First Component: WARM-UP – includes stretching /yoga for kids.
  2. Second Component: TECHNICAL – includes punching, kicking, kata and fundamentals of body mechanics.
  3. Third Component: LIFE SKILLS (with a focus on bullying) – involves listening to a short story, answering a few well-placed questions, as well as role-playing a scenario.
  4. Fourth Component: GAME – this includes a game that reinforces the lessons learned during class. 

Why is Conflict Education Important?

Conflict education is important because violence should be the last resort. We want our students to know how to avoid/manage conflict without resorting to violence by balancing the physical/mental self-defence. We recognize bullying among young people is increasing in our society and both skills are necessary to help stop this trend.

Children who learn about conflict are better prepared to deal with potentially dangerous situations. They are more confident, able to use words with other skills rather than violence.

We can reverse this terrible trend of violence if we take it seriously and get help from qualified professionals like MAMBEC. By using holistic education, children understand conflict and create healthy relationships founded on self-respect, respect for others and knowledge.

What Role does Leadership Play?

Not everyone can be a leader, however it is important to recognize what makes a good leader. There are a lot of negative examples in the media right now, and we are concerned about the effect this is having on society.

MAMBEC has created a leadership program (Animation/Mentoring Team) Where students learn the skills necessary to be good leaders and positive role models. They mentor younger students and help demonstrate peaceful conflict resolution. A-Team members gain confidence and can see the effect of good leadership on younger students.

 MAMBEC Program Structure

We offer 12 week programs registering 3 times a year (September, January, and April). Program includes 10 weeks of instruction, followed by Parent’s Day, then Belt Advancement (please note: if your child is not re-registering or belt advancing, their last class will be week 11, Parent’s Day). Closed for the summer months, with a 9 week Summer Camp that includes the Martial Art/Life Skills Program.

MAMBEC is compatible with any Martial Art, and is karate-based (all students are registered with Karate Nova Scotia).  MAMBEC students learn the fundamentals of body mechanics including stances, kicking, punching and kata.  As students advance to higher belt levels, self-defence maneuvers and more complex kicking, punching and kata are taught.  

MAMBEC BELT STRUCTURE: Students in the Children’s Program/ Animation/Mentoring Team are awarded belts according to their progress in Technical Skill. Students start at white belt then move to a belt with a stripe of colour on a white belt to a stripe of white on a coloured belt up to and including MAMBEC Black belt. When students achieve black with red stripe a blackboard is awarded at that time with all the belts achieved during their time in the MAMBEC program. To achieve a MAMBEC Black Belt – First students are informed they are ready, and must submit their most recent school report card, then complete 7 required components and the final MAMBEC Black Belt Test.

The components for black belt testing are as follows:

  1. Testing Student Must Teach a Class
  2. Physical Fitness/Core Work
  3. Life Skills/Written Essay
  4. Fundamental Movements
  5. Kata/ Safe Option System
  6. Hand and Foot Techniques
  7. Attitude/Attendance

Once Black Belt Components and test are complete students are awarded Embroidered MAMBEC Black Belt, MAMBEC Black Belt Certificate and Letter of Recommendation.

Children’s Badge Structure

Students in our Children’s Program wear white uniforms (ages 4 – 6). 

Children’s Program Curriculum Badges Include:  

J’s Red Tool Box, J’ Gold Rules, J’s Bad Day and Character Development.  See image for details.  

Life Skills Badges – attitude, character, confidence, commitment, control, courage, courtesy, determination, endurance, focus, goals, honesty, integrity, loyalty, manners, patience, practice, respect, spirit, teamwork, trust. 

Children’s Curriculum Badges – Mentoring/Instructor badges are mounted on left sleeve starting below top seam, then centred on fold. See image for details.

Animation (Mentoring Team)Team Badging Structure

Students in our Animation (Mentoring) Team Program ages (7 and up).  

Animation Team/Mentoring Curriculum Badges Include:   Mentoring Level 1, Mentoring Level 2, Mentoring Level 3, Physical Fitness, Meaningful Words (I), Meaningful words (A), Leadership (I), Leadership (A), C.O.N.N.E.C.T., heroes’ Circle, We are Human, Life Skills and Rights/Responsibilities.


Life Skill Badges – Placed on right sleeve starting at top seam 2 abreast on either side of fold running down side of sleeve. 

Curriculum Badges – Mentoring/Instructor badges are mounted on left sleeve starting below top seam, then centred on fold. See image for details.

We are now offering a booking system in the MAMBEC program called the J series. We have one book published and parents can purchase this book at the MAMBEC office at Cole Harbour Place or through Amazon.com. The J series books and are part of the Mambec curriculum. You can purchase these books from MAMBEC and help your child develop at home while we work with them in our program.

Black with Red Stripe

When students achieve black with red stripe a blackboard is awarded at that time with all the belts achieved during their time in the MAMBEC program.

MAMBEC Black Belt Tree – There is a leaf dedicated to each student whom achieves MAMBEC Black Belt. To Date MAMBEC Has produced over 80 MAMBEC Black Belts.

1st Component

WARM UP, including yoga for kids.


   2nd Component

TECHNICAL, including punching, kicking, kata & fundamentals of body mechanics.


3rd Component

LIFE SKILLS (with a focus on bullying). In this component we find young students learn more information faster, and retain answers longer by listening to a short story, answering a few well-placed questions followed by role-playing.

4th Component

GAME/SKILLS DRILL that reinforces the lessons learned during class.

Belt Board

Children who achieve the black with red stripe belt (Junior Black Belt) are presented with a belt board at their belt advancement.

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